We are spreading our wings and extending number of spaces for rent! Only antiques, collectibles and vintage items please!
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The Old Lumberyard Antiques

Behind the French Doors and The Old Lumberyard Antiques are now under the same ownership! 

The Old Lumberyard Antiques, formerly a working lumberyard was transformed into an antique dealer and art space in 1999 and became a part of the beating heart of Milford, Pennsylvania. Once a part of Milford’s rich history, it now houses pieces of history from 18th-early 20th century as one of the family owned shopping and tourist attractions. A labyrinth of yesterday’s treasures and culture, The Old Lumberyard is filled with furniture, paintings, glass, pottery, linens, rugs, jewelry, advertising and so much more. Over 40 antique dealers travel the country and bring their found treasures to our 10,000 square foot community space. Greeted by the catwalk that showcases rustic and garden outdoor pieces, walking up the stairs to Old Lumberyard Antiques feels as if you are stepping into another era. Each of our dealers contribute their unique specialities and breadth of knowledge in order to provide a vast collection of antiques that range from Victorian furniture to Civil war era paraphernalia to 1950s retro collectibles. The love and care our dealers put into finding, transforming, and caring for the antiques we house is the reason our level of quality continues to impress. Each one of Old Lumberyard’s beautiful pieces of history comes with a story to tell—we welcome you to come explore them all.


“Best antiques in the tri-state area, and certainly in Pike and Wayne County—best prices, great service.”


Old Lumberyard Antiques 

113 7th Street
Milford, Pa 18337
Phone: 570-409-8636 or 570-296-2086
Email: ola18337@ptd.net

Store Hours

Open: Mon, Thurs , Fri, Sat & Sun 10:00am to 5:00pm 

Closed: Tues & Wed

During the winter months please call ahead to make sure we are open during inclement weather.

Contact us for showcase and space rental. Monthly & yearly rentals are available.