How would you like to live in a wonderful log cabin in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? You would then go to work in a quaint little historic town in Pa. dealing with people on vacation or just getting away for the day. And the best part is that you would be doing all of this with your very best friend!

Welcome to our world!

We are Joanne and Charlie Giachetti, owners and dealers of the 2 Old Lumberyard Antiques Shops located in Milford, Pa.  In 2004 we gave up our jobs and our beautiful lakefront home in New Jersey and moved to Pa. In 2006, having been dealers in the 2 locations for 7 years, the opportunity to purchase both stores came and without hesitation the deal was done. So after many years of doing antiques shows every weekend going from state to state, we decided to settle down in Milford, Pa.
Joanne is the brains behind the day to day operations while Charlie can often be seen carrying something into the store, usually something very,very heavy.
Charlie still maintains the printing business that he has owned for the past 26 years in New Jersey, called The Freemen Company. 
We have 3 children, all adults and 4 grandchildren. Unfortunately most of our friends and family still live in NJ but we usually make the 2 hour drive at least once a month.
The antiques business has changed quite dramatically since we started  26 years ago. Back then merchandise was plentiful and the prices were great. Today good merchandise at the right price is hard to find and our dealers do an amazing job in searching within the surrounding states to bring wonderful merchandise at affordable prices into the stores.
We have been selling very successfully on Ebay for the past 14 years and offer our services to all of our dealers and customers.

We welcome your visit to our shops and hope that you come to Milford, Pa and spend a wonderful day or weekend, shopping, hiking, dining and just enjoying our beautiful town.


Meet Our Family